Welcoming desk with a computer, lamp, flowers, and coffee ready to start your new custom websites and funnels

Services: What can we partner together to create for your business?

Have you noticed that there’s a lot of jargon and acronyms in the website services space?

Me too!

There’s so much that goes into custom websites and funnels, and into creating a unique logo.

You don’t have to do it alone!

I want you to understand what goes into your projects, and why those things matter.

  • We’ll discuss your ideas, plans, preferences, and the specialties of your business.
  • I’ll explain how things fit together, what is needed and how to do them right.
  • Then, you know what you’re buying!

Let’s work together to get your unique ideas and voice out on the web, so you can reach your customers and grow your business!

Of course, you’re curious about pricing. Why is it so hard to give a simple price? Because no two businesses, no two entrepreneurs, and no two websites/funnels/logos are the same. Not even close! But, because I hate not knowing just like you, I’ve given some starting points below. I hope they’re helpful!


Your company content can be recognized at a glance with a custom logo and ‘look’ to your brand. This is a very collaborative process, with multiple conversations and checks along the way to capture your ideas. We’ll look at what you want your company to inspire in your customers: the feel, the colors, the look that goes with your work!

Use your new logo on your letterhead, or a billboard, and on your new website!

Logo Design

starting investment:


Be Recognized at a Glance!

Three drafts created based on your ideas and input

Your favorite is further developed and finalized

Full color, black, white, and with a transparent background included!

Custom Websites and Funnels

Website and funnel prices depend on lots of details. Some of the biggest include the number of pages, how much is on each page, and how many of the words and images you already have ready to put into your new site (vs. how much time we will need to collaborate to write, find or create them).


starting investment:


Multiple steps (pages) included in one ‘funnel’

Strategic set-up to guide people to the next sections.

A great option when a product or service has something it can easily be paired with to ‘sweeten the deal’!

Essential Website

starting investment:


One Page Website, Everything in one place!

When all you need is a place for people to find you!

Your images, contact info, company info and social media links, arranged in a beautiful and user friendly format!

Simple Website

starting investment:


Websites up to Five Pages.

All from the Essential, but when you need more than one page!

Pages such as: Home, About, Contact, Portfolio, and Services to highlight you and your business!

Deluxe Website

starting investment:


Websites Six to ? Pages.

Need more pages to describe your services or products? We can do that!

More info can be added and arranged so your customers can find exactly what they need!

All websites and funnels include:

  • Partnering with you on the wording so that your voice, style and personality make your website or funnel uniquely yours (collaborative copy writing)
  • Building your website or funnel to work on different size screens (mobile optimization)
  • Including words and phrases that search engines use to recommend your website or funnel to your customers (search engine optimization)
  • Editing the words and details you supply for clarity and length as needed
  • Building with methods that make your website or funnel work for people with vision or hearing impairments (accessibility)
  • Supporting you in buying your website or funnel address (your domain- the www.yourbusinessname.com)
  • Adding your social media links
  • Creating and linking your custom legal policies to your website or funnel

Note: Websites and funnels also need a place to live online (hosting), as well as updates and fixes to any issues (maintenance) to make sure things keep working and stay secure. I offer Website Hosting and Maintenance as an additional service. If you chose a funnel, I work with you to get that set up too!

*Are you or is someone in your immediate family an Active or Veteran member of the U.S. Military? Let me know. Your project will be 10% off as my small way of saying ‘thank you’ for your service.