Welcoming desk with a computer, lamp, flowers, and coffee ready to start your new web design!

About: Online Success for your business is my goal for your new website, funnel or logo!

Imagine a welcoming, open door, inviting people to explore your business. They can tell this is your place… your style and fingerprints are all over it!

We can create that together!

Stop trying to build it all yourself! Why?

  • Things change in web design and funnels, and quickly!
  • You don’t know what you don’t know!
  • There’s lots (and I mean lots) of jargon!
  • Don’t waste the time you could be using to do your magic for your clients, stumbling through to get ‘meh’ results for your website!

Have you tried building your website yourself? It gets pretty overwhelming pretty quickly!

Or maybe you did get the job done, and pretty well at that, but it’s been a few (or more) years ago, and it shows!

Kristen Lauer wearing her #Funnelhacker shirt, smiling in front of a red brick wall

I can help you! Let’s chat : )

A door opening to exciting new possibilities for your website or funnel, and business!

Step through the doorway to your success online!

This is where I come in. I’m Kristen Lauer, a website, funnel and logo designer. I started Heart’s Desire Design to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Struggling to build your site using YouTube and Google? I’ve been there. It was part of my last job to update the company website, but my specialties were biology and teaching- not websites! I ended up taking an online course (or two) and getting the job done quite well (if I do say so myself).

Then my life and career got rearranged by Covid. I realized I could take my website building skills and help the many others who were starting businesses too. Or, maybe your business has outgrown your current website, and you know it’s time for an update. But you don’t want to spend your time (time you could be helping clients and using your fabulous skills) to relearn the website world and try to get it done. You don’t have to!

People need what your business offers.

Keep focusing on your business, and partner with me to get it online! I love that success in my business means helping other people have greater success in theirs.

What are you selling? Can people find you? Our world just keeps getting more digital. Your customers look online to find you or to find out what other people are saying about your company. If you don’t have a website, they often pick someone else.

It’s not fair, but it happens all the time.

I’ll focus on the web design skills. You focus on your business.

Building websites and funnels takes a lot of different skill sets.

  • Using words that will help people understand your business
  • Knowing how to keep websites and funnels just as effective for people with vision or hearing impairments
  • Making sure all the legal stuff is taken care of
  • Using words and phrases that will help search engines find and suggest your site to others
  • Graphic design for your website’s or funnel’s logo and images
  • Understanding how color can impact everything from the way people feel about your business to their ability to find things on your site

Work with me so you can focus on your time on your skill set… you know, the one you’re good at, where you excel.

A checklist of things to get done on your new website or funnel with a plant, cup of coffee, pen and notepad

I’ll keep taking the classes and learning the skills for the online stuff so you don’t have to!

Because of my teaching background, I can’t stand talking over people’s heads. With most website design agencies, their service descriptions are soooo full of jargon and acronyms that you really don’t know what they’re offering to do.

I do things differently. I explain what’s needed and why. I work collaboratively with you, working to capture your voice and vision so that those come shining through in your website, funnel and/or logo.

Schedule a call with me today so we can start planning for your online upgrade!

My Coworkers keep things ‘running’ smoothly.

Keeping good office morale is important, especially as an entrepreneur. Thankfully, Murphy, Festus and Tillie are on the job. Murphy (left) joined my team after a stint on the road, and Festus (middle) and Tillie (right) came my way through a wonderful rescue organization called Adopt A Pit. You’ll see my pups pop up in my social media posts from time to time. They make sure that adequate lunch, walk, and play breaks are built into my day!

They also love keeping my two teen daughters, my Hubby and I on our toes during non-business hours. But it’s not all work! After a good run, they’re fantastic to snuggle with during a movie or a good book.

Three cute dogs on a couch. A small white one, a medium brown and white one, and a medium gray and white.