Welcoming desk with a computer, lamp, flowers, and coffee ready to start your new website or funnel

Your Business Can Shine Online!

Help your customers find you with a unique new business website or funnel and custom logo, so your business can grow!

Imagine your new website: clearly yours, simple to find, easy to get around, modern.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs- I’m talking to you!

  • What if your website sounded like you, not everyone else?
  • Does your website look dated? (hello early 2000s) ; )
  • Would a funnel help your customers to purchase more?
  • Could a new logo make your business stand out?
  • Is your website easy for all your customers to use?
  • It is time for a new look and user friendly features?
  • How would an organized and welcoming website or funnel impact your business?
  • Could easier navigation, more customers and more sales change your life?

Just imagine what your new website or funnel could do for you!

Services: What does your business need to move to the next level?


Your new, unique, clean, modern, easy-to-use website lets your customers know you can be trusted, making it easier for them to buy from you.


Have you ever been offered another item as you finished an online purchase? That’s a funnel… they can be super effective!


Be recognized at a glance with a unique custom logo that looks equally good on your letterhead and online.

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Get your website or funnel modernized and online! Let’s team up!

I’m Kristen Lauer. I started Heart’s Desire Design to partner with entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners who have wonderful services and products, but don’t know how to get the word out, find customers or tell their story!

Because of my teaching background, I can’t stand ‘talking over people’s heads’. We’ll collaborate to build you a website and/or a funnel that has all the design, visual, information and legal bases covered. I’m dedicated to making sure your voice, message and offer gets out to your customers! Your website should sound like you, not everyone else!

Testimonials: What Clients are Saying about Heart’s Desire Design!

“Kristen is great! I met with her and she broke down in a very simple manner what is good on my website and what needs to change.”

Hugo Melara smiles at the camera

Hugo Melara
Owner, Melara Investing

“You are an absolute rock star….thank you!!!!”

Lee Morris, Co Founder of Challenge Accepted, stops to smile during a snowboarding trip

Leeann Morris
Co-founder & Director, Challenge Accepted

“Thank you again for all your hard work! You are making dreams come true!”

Mike Reilly, Co Founder of Challenge Accepted, stops to smile during a snowboarding trip

Mike Reilly
Co-founder & Director, Challenge Accepted

“We are very happy how everything turned out. The process was very smooth and we enjoyed working with you on it!”

AVCO Enterprises LLC Logo

Kevin Wrightsman
Owner, AVCO Enterprises, LLC


Will your website be featured here soon?

The "AVCO Enterprises LLC" website shown on a laptop and a smart phone screen.

Wondering who can help with your new patio? Have flooding? AVCO Enterprises is an excellent place to call! Not many in their industry take the time to make sure their clients are so well taken care of. I designed their site to clearly explain what they do, show you examples, and help them get the conversation started!

The 'Challenge Accepted' website shown on a computer monitor, laptop and phone screen

Check out one of the coolest (pun intended) nonprofits ever. Challenge Accepted was created to honor and support veterans with disabilities by taking them on extreme snowboarding trips. I designed their website to pull you into the experience, showcase the next events, and introduce you to those who help make it possible (which can include you!)

The "Speaking To Expand" funnel shown on a tablet screen, sitting on a table with a rose

Ryan has such a unique and inspiring story of how he got into business. His life-changing experience is the subject of his first TedEx talk, and now he works with others to get them on that stage with his business Speaking To Expand! His funnel is designed to pull you through the why and how. See for yourself!